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The present to the one like Sun from ByNet: we present to our leader his LuNet!

Our similar to the sun leader, you are already old, but your are the superstar! Today you are already 53 yo, and on the expanses from jungles of Venezuela up to deserts of Iran the wind is spreading your name. Lu-ka-shen-ko is wise…. the wisest from the wise. He is brining a good news to the peoples of the earth. Oh, the boundless one! Your wisdom exceeded the bounds of substance, through the borders of earthly vanity. You put your eye on the virtual world and said us, that internet is not good, it’s anarchy and disorder. You, our most indulgent one, even heard some enemies’ voices in the internet. And, our most perspicacious one, saw there tamed by the enemies opposition.

We fell down, so much your words stroke us. To be sure! What a great danger is threatening our crystal dish – the most people’s, cleanest, the very true republic of Lukashenko – from those depths of libertinism, lies and provocations, which are called ByNet. Its unscrupulous essence as an acid can corrode your covering of the most scrupulous truth over us. What a horror!

Shame! Shame on you so called “servants of people” from the ministry of Truth... no, оh, not yet... of Information, Sor... Оh! Still to the parlament, KGB, Ministry of Internal Affairs. How you, zimouskis, yancheuskis, yakubovichs, so devoted, could not notice this before and to take certain attempts.

Now it is already too late to find excuses, to fuss, to correct your own mistakes, to begin wars against Internet on BT, organize “sham” trials, to accept some new legislation, to organize commission on study of experience of others. This won’t help you! Dread! You won’t deceive our per….spicacious leader. Again our publicly loved and most conscientious pr….esident is forced to spend his precious time, strength and health and to do your job.

Оh Guru of order, father of strictness, do know – we are not like them! We always loved you sincerely up to the trembling of the knees, up to the pain in the chest, up to vomiting reflex... Oh, sorry, mentioning vomiting was too much. We always are ready to help you and that is why already today we want to present to you our modest gift for your birthday.

A father of truth! Instead of this ByNet, which is sinking in dissoluteness and is not needed to anyone, we are presenting to you LuNet. Believe us – it is better, cleaner, it is just as you like! That is the same as in ByNet, but without shortcoming, everything there is fair and true. There are no enemies’ voices, but by the way there you won’t hear any other voices except your own one. You will fall in love with it!

We, the most devoted your adherents in ByNet cannot irritate you with our attention to you and your servants. We already now will redirect the users from all our 40 sites to you’re the best the most perfect LuNet. And they will see what you want for them and how you take care of them. They will understand what is the allure of LuNet. Beware! Beware, dirty opposition – there is not place for you in LuNet! It is only for honest, ideologically correct users. This is a heaven only for the elect ones with insignia of the BRUU (the Belarusian Republican Youth Union). And you, unfair and freethinkers, go to hell – ByNet is its name. Burn there together with us.

We bend our knees,
Yours most the most faithful!

LuNet services:

  • Пошукавая сыстэма Лундекс – гэта вам не Яндекс – найправільнейшы пошук толькі тут:
  • Сэрвіс відэа ЛуТуб – наш адказ злоснаму заходняму Ютубу -
  • Толькі Лу-пазытыўныя блогі ад аўтараў з БРСМ -
  • Ідэалягічна правераны ды найсумленнейшы партал -

We are:

• Третий путь, интернет-сообщество
• Беларускі Моладзевы Рух у Амэрыцы
• Паветра, инициатива
• Погляд, инициатива
• Бунт, движение
• Инициатива, движение
• Зенон Позняк, политик и диссидент
• Владимир Орлов, историк
• Александр Войтович, академик
• Алесь Шатерник, скульптор и художник
• Виталий Силицкий, аналитик
• Наше мнение, аналитический проект
• Белапан, информационное агентство
• АФН, информационное агентство
• Офис за демократическую Беларусь! (Брюссель)
• Комитет защиты репрессированных «Солидарность»
• Позирк, белорусские блоги
• За свободу! гражданская кампания
• Украина+Беларусь, инициатива
• Моладзь Орг, интернет проект
• Гарт, молодежный центр
• Молодой Фронт, организация
• Белорусская афтокефальная церковь
• Белорусский музей в Нбю-Йорке
• Белорусские Ведомости, газета
• Батьковщина, организация

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if (( dont_show == null) || (dont_show != 1)) {
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Скрипт создает модальное окно (фактически это не окно, просто выглядит так)
и загружает в него тело баннера.

Папка /img должна лежать в корневом каталоге сервера!!